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129 moo 2 Tambon Klondo, Amphoe Danmakamtia, Changwat Kanchanaburi 71260 Thailand

+66 (0)61 572 8761

It's time to make a real change,

we are going to make a difference

Photos by: Fotojeanique, William R. Photographies, Emmy Huvier, Sara Martin Sanchez, Nikki van Beijnum

More people are looking to spend their holidays in an ethically responsible one that has respect for nature, animals and the local culture.  

The focus here at Somboon Legacy Foundation is exactly that.

Not only do we care about the wellness of the elephants, but also about the wellness of you!

Discover Somboon Legacy Foundation.

Explore this unique non-profit hands-off sanctuary where we care for the old, ill, handicapped and rescued elephants.

Our elephants walk freely in nature, grazing as they would in the wild foraging on greens in this lush tropical environment. They are not forced to participate in any activities that could cause stress to them.

Elephants are not used for our entertainment, we respect them and treat them with the care they deserve.

Join us in our passion and make a difference, let elephants simply be elephants.

Observe and learn about our elephants, their history and help us preserve their legacy.

In 2019 we have to join forces to take care of wildlife for your children and grandchildren, so they can have the same experience in the future as you will have here.

Be an example for the rest of the world by enjoying captive elephants in the right way.

Elephants are the symbol of Thailand.

We will educate our visitors about the current situation of wild and captive elephants, as the time to help these animals is running out.

Here at Somboon Legacy Foundation, we can enjoy elephants without causing additional harm or stress to them, experiencing them as close to their natural habitat as possible.

The Legacy River Kwai resort and Somboon Legacy Foundation are a perfect match.

It's a peaceful environment for people and elephants alike.