Frequently asked questions

How do I get there?

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Option 1: Private taxi Take a private taxi directly from your hotel to us, the trip will take about 2,5 hours and is around 134KM. If you’d like a trusted driver who can speak English you can contact Jonney at +66 (0)81 495 2693 or at He can arrange different types of taxis (regular, minivan etc.). Option 2: Train Take a train from Bangkok at Thonburi station to Wang Yen station (near the resort) where we can pick you up, the train ride is about 3,5 hours and costs 100baht per person. Please send us an email to arrange a pick-up service. There are only 2 trains daily. Option 3: Public transport Take a bus or minivan from Bangkok at Mo Chit or Southern bus station to Kanchanaburi. They leave every half hour from both stations and take about 2,5 hours. Mo Chit is approximately 120baht per ticket and Southern bus station 100baht. To get to our resort from Kanchanaburi you have two options: You can take an orange ‘song taew’ taxi to The Legacy River Kwai Resort or take this taxi to the Kanchanaburi train station where you can take a train to Wang Yen station. (please note, only twice daily) The trip will take a bit over half an hour. We can pick you up from Wang Yen station which is near the resort (please email us to arrange this).

Can I come without a reservation?

No, unfortunately, we only accept reservations in advance

Why can’t we touch the elephants?

Elephants are wildlife – NOT entertainment. A new and real change is needed – we will make a difference as a hands-off and elephant friendly sanctuary where elephants can simply be elephants. By not touching the elephants we create a peaceful and stress free environment. We want to be an example of an ethical change in the wildlife tourism industry. Beware of unknowingly participating in animal cruelty.

How can we donate?

Go to 'SUPPORT US' on our website. Here you have two options: Donations: This is to make a general donation of any given amount Donation shop: Here you can choose to donate a specific product

Can we swim in the river?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to swim in the river because of the strong current. We have a swimming pool and a lot of other facilities which you can enjoy when you stay overnight.

What should I bring with me/what should I wear?

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. We recommend wearing long pants (as you’re going to do banana/grass cutting) and closed shoes or sandals. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a hat and a camera. If you’d like to observe smaller wildlife such as birds, squirrels, etc. Bring your binoculars.

Is it possible to change the dates of my visit?

You can send an email via our contact form to see if it’s possible to change the date of your booking.

How fit do I have to be?

All fitness levels are welcome, you will never be forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. There are many opportunities to sit down and rest.

How can I get a local phone number?

You can purchase a local sim card with call and internet packages at the airport or at phone shops throughout the country. We recommend AIS.

What is there to do in Kanchanaburi?

Some of the attractions in the area recommend are: Erawan waterfalls: Mallika retro city: The River Kwai Bridge: Lawa cave in Sai Yok National park: If you are looking for a nice place to stay in Kanchanaburi before or after your visit to Somboon Legacy Foundation, we recommend VN guesthouse. They offer cheap, clean rooms and have an excellent restaurant with local and international dishes. (And they offer pancakes specially for children!)

What other elephant sanctuaries do you recommend?

We recommend Chang Chill, Following Giants, BLES and BEES in Thailand and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, Elephant Refuge North America and Elephant Haven European Elephant Sanctuary in France.

Is the park a safe place for my family?

The Legacy River Kwai Resort offers 24/7 security, with guards throughout the park. The park is also well lighted all night. The rooms are all equiped with a fire alarm.

What kind of food does The Legacy River Kwai Resort offer?

The Legacy River Kwai Resort tries to grow as many fruit and vegetables organically. They offer a range of Western and Thai dishes, adaptable to your special needs such as allergies or vegetarianism etc. When booking, please let us know if you have any special requirements.

Can I give a Somboon package as a present to my friends/family?

Yes, that is possible. We can provide you with an online gift-card. Contact us for more details.

What is the difference between you and other sanctuaries?

How can I know what elephant friendly tourism looks like?

Can I deduct my donation from my taxes?

If you are a Dutch citizen, and donate to our partner foundation Support Somboon Legacy Foundation, your donation is tax deductible. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE

What extra costs do I pay for children under 13-years-old?

The cost for lunch for children from 5-12 is 200 baht per person. For overnight visits and the costs of beds you can contact us at

What extra activities can I do at the resort when I stay overnight?

The resort offers many activities such as: -Forest bathing -Bird watching camp -Become a farmer for a day -Feed sheep -Zero food-waste workshop -Thai cooking class -Natural shampoo workshop -Hot & cold jacuzzi -Thai aromatic oil massage -Hot stones oil massage -Thai foot massage -Cycling -Arts & crafts workshop -Make Thai herbal balls -Yoga -Aqua aerobics -Bamboo raft ride All activities have to be pre-booked

Can we join the ranger package with less than 6 children?

Unfortunately we require a minimum of 6 children to join.

Do adults have to present the whole day for the ranger package?

In case of the 1 day ranger package, you can drop the children off with us for the day from 9:00AM-4:00PM. For the overnight packages we require at least 1 adult to stay overnight with the children. During the day you can do your own activities and enjoy the resort.