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Why we chose the name Somboon Legacy Foundation

Why we chose the name Somboon Legacy Foundation.

Somboon was a one of a kind beautiful elephant, which you would recognize immediately by her thorn ears.

She was named Somboon as her body was perfectly proportionate, which means complete in Thai language.

About 20 years ago her owner gave her the retirement she deserved and she met her best friends Malee and Kammoon.

They could  always be found together and became well known as the three musketeers.

The last years of her life she and her friends lived at a sanctuary. At this sanctuary Somboon opened the eyes of a group of elephant lovers showing that a sanctuary is not always a good place for animals. 


In 2016 after her tragic and unnecessary death the same group of people decided it was enough and that they were going to start a park where elephants are treated with respect and can simply be elephants by living happily in the surroundings of mother nature. A group of Thai people from The Legacy River Kwai resort believed in their plan and a beautiful cooperation was started.

We did not have to think hard about the name for our project as this idea all started with the love for elephants and in remembrance of our beautiful Somboon (complete), this is her Legacy. The second name “legacy” also shows our gratitude towards the people of the Legacy River Kwai Resort.  

Today we are so happy that we can offer Somboon’s friends Kammoon and Malee the life they deserve; the best we can offer to domesticated elephants. In their hearts and ours, Somboon is still here with them (in spirit) roaming the green fields of the Somboon Legacy Foundation.


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Photos by: Fotojeanique, William R. Photographies, Emmy Huvier, Sara Martin Sanchez, Nikki van Beijnum