Changes to our elephants' diet.

Updated: May 29, 2021

Since Malee´s hospital visit we NEED TO MAKE CHANGES to our elephants diet, and are adding watermelon and bananas among other things.

Both of these will help our elephants digestion in the way of adding probiotics (bananas) and water (watermelon). This is especially important as our elephants get older and their digestion worsens. Generally Malee´s poo is very dry, because old elephants do not get a signal that they are thirsty anymore. Luckily this delicious watermelon mixture will help solve that problem!

We cut the watermelon into pieces, to make them easy to digest, and mix them with the bana grass the mahouts cut with a machine.

Malee and Kammoon still spend the day foraging on our land, eating a variety of plants, but this is an important supplement to their diet. They get this in the morning and evening as well as sticky rice with okra.

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