Kammoon is constipated


Since yesterday around mid-day Kammoon has been constipated. We called the vet for help and they arrived shortly, the team did their best, performing water enema. Kammoon has been quite active, and was walking around a lot. But after another vet visit, one more water enema and lots of walking, she still can not poo.

Kammoon always has a great digestion, so it's a riddle to us why she is constipated.

Today she spent a very long time in the river together with Malee, and still had a good scratch after that. That's a good sign, she's very strong and we hope she will pull through.


This morning she still did not poo. We let the vet know and they came immediately. Her situation improved a bit, because today she was able to drink water, but it still did not look good.

Therefore, the vet team decided to give her an IV with a gut stimulant. (During the IV she can't move around, therefore she is tied to a tree.)

Malee is always by her side, to support her best friend, which is amazing to see. Elephants truly do have the same emotions as people.

In the afternoon they gave a water enema again and tried to reach the poo by hand, they were succesful, they could finally feel the poo and were able to pull out about 2KG.

It still is not enough, and the poo is still obstructing her bowels. The team gave her another dose of gut stimulant and is very hopeful that she will poo during the night time.

So, fingers crossed everyone!


A final update on Kammoon:

Our mahout observed Kammoon during the night, but she still did not poo. In the morning we called the vet team, and they came by again. The vet put his hand inside, and immediately felt her poo. He was able to pull a big chunk of poo out in less than a minute! Within about half an hour, they were all done and there was no poo left in her bowels anymore.

They gave her a vitamin to stimulate her apetite, and fed her some fruits.

Everyone was very relieved!

We will observe her more, but it seems that she is completely fine and that they got everything out.

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