Malee at the wildlife hospital

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Since last Saturday Malee has been constipated. She was not drinking or eating anything. We called the vet and they came that evening. They administered medicine and gave her IV fluid. That night she was feeling a bit better and started to eat some fruits.

This continued with the vet coming every day, but the poo was too far inside (2 meters) her intestine to get it out.

On Tuesday evening the decision was made that it was best for her to go to Kamphaeng Saen wildlife hospital with her mahout Cho.

Today, Wednesday, they went inside with a camera and saw the poo was still 1.5 meters away. However they are taking excellent care of her, and are hopeful she will be able to poo within the next several days.

We will update you daily on her situation.

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