Our oldest volunteer!

We are very proud to introduce our oldest volunteer:

Tawon Chanapai of 93-years-old.

He is a very commited volunteer who helps us translate from English to Thai. He drove all alone in his car from Bangkok to here to translate subtitles of our introduction movie, so that Thai people will be able to understand everything! We are sure he will help us with many more things, as his enthusiasm is never ending.

He is a very active man, who still gives lessons in Qigong. Sometimes he does this at The Legacy River Kwai resort for groups of a hundred people!

He has a lot of experience translating and with the English language, as you can see in the pictures.

1st picture: Current picture

2nd picture: He gave the translated book in Thai (Translated with his friend) entitled The Remarkable Kennedy’s to Robert Kennedy. A younger brother of President Kennedy. This photo was published in Washington Post 1964.

3rd Picture: with William J Lederer, an author of The Ugly American. I translated this book in Thai, and I gave him the Thai copy at Siam intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok 1960

4th and 5th picture: He was VOA broadcaster from 1992 - 1996 in Washington , USA.

6th,7th & 8th picture: His Qigong lessons.

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