Updated: May 29, 2021

As some of you might know, we used to feed our elephants pellet food every day. We had learned it was good for old elephants. However not so long ago we have received new information that it might not be as good for our elephants as we thought, and can have some negative effects especially on older elephants.

While Malee was in the wildlife hospital, we had learned about a new brand of pellet food from the vets called 'Randolph BTW'. These pellets are very concentrated, so we only have to feed 1-2KG per elephant daily.

They contain probiotics, many vitamins and minerals & high amounts of fibers. These ingredients are very important especially for Malee, as she has no teeth she can not chew the grass well enough to absorb the beneficial nutrients.

We have started adding it to our elephants daily portion of sticky rice with okra vegetables.

Here you can see Malee enjoying a healthy power food snack!