The world lost a big elephant lover 10-2-21 NATSUYO JAEKE

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

esterday the world lost a passionate elephant lover. Natsuyo Jaeke, born in Japan, went to live in the USA at the age of 19. There she worked as a bank employee and in the weekend she traveled far to work as a volunteer taking care of people in need for help.

In her free time she loved baking, it brought her lots of joy.

The last years of her life she fulfilled her dream to retire early and left for Thailand to take care of elephants. For years she has been taking care of a blind elephant called Lam Duan. They had a very strong bond and Natsuyo always said that this elephant was her baby and it showed. She absolutely pampered this elephant and took care of her from dusk until dawn. In the meantime she would keep a watchfull eye out for the other elephants that were around.

Every morning she would sing for her Lam Duan while cleaning her resting area.

One thing that Natsuyo could not appreciate was when one of the dogs, Buddy, would steal a few pieces of banana from her elephant. Every time Buddy did this, she complained to the dog's owner. No one will steal Lam Duan's food and get away with it!

Her entire life revolved around Lam Duan.

Natsuyo always said when my elephants dies you can bury me with her. I don't want to live without her. Sadly Lam Duan, who was young and in good health, passed away unexpectedly a few months ago while Natsuyo was fighting against cancer (for her life) in the hospital. (Given the best care thanks to her best friend Uncle)

She had lost her elephant and her home, and had no strength left to fight anymore.

Rest in peace Natsuyo you will always be remembered as a passionate hard working friend of elephants. Now you are reunited again with your baby Lam Duan.

A big elephant hug.

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