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Beware of unknowingly participating in animal abuse

Elephants are tourist Magnets

These gentle giants are on everybody's bucket list when they visit Thailand.

Hands OFF Elephants Sanctuary

Our Team has seen the abuse elephants endure in places that call themselves sanctuaries, where they mislead unknowing tourists with words as 'animal friendly' and 'rescue center'.

We decided enough is enough, it's time to make a real change.

The idea was born to create a sanctuary that is a truly safe haven for elephants, where these social mammals can interact and behave naturally.

We are a non-profit hands-off elephants sanctuary, located 25 km outside of the city of Kanchanaburi and 134 km from Bangkok, Thailand. Our foundation cares for old elephants.

It's high time to boost ethical wildlife tourism




We are proud to be listed as one of the best practice venues by World Animal Protection

Discover Somboon Legacy Foundation
Every day our elephants roam freely without a schedule, there are no visitors feeding them or bathing them. We see positive changes in our elephants Malee and Kammoon's behaviour, without so many people surrounding them, they are completely free of stress.
Wild animals suffer a lifetime for the tourists entertainment.
129 moo 2 Tambon Klondo, Amphoe
Danmakamtia, Changwat
Kanchanaburi 71260 Thailand
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+66 (0)61 572 8761
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